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Medical Card Regulation Deadline January 30th, 2014!

Dec 19, 2013

The deadline for the January 30th, 2014 regulation that requires drivers to prove medical certification to their state's licensing agency is fast approaching. Drivers must submit a copy of their medical certificate along with a self-certify form. The self certify form asks the drivers whether they are interstate, intrastate, or in an exempt segment of the industry such as school bus drivers or fire department personnel.

Once presented to the state, CDL holders will have to retain their medical certificate on the road with them for 15 days. In that time, the state drivers licensing agency is to enter the certification information into the commercial driver’s license information system, dubbed CDLIS.

States are handling the requirement for providing certification differently. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrations maintains a list of state-by-state requirements. You can view that here.

Drivers who do not present proof of certification are at risk of having their CDL downgraded or even suspended. That decision, again, is left up to the states in the regulation.

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