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Company News

CVSA's 'Roadcheck 2013' - right around the prepared!

Jun 4, 2013

Every year the CVSA increases its overall roadside inspection intensity. 'Roadcheck 2013', is right around the corner and will take place June 4th-June 6th of 2013. This is right around the corner and Crosshair encourages all carriers to communicate this with their drivers.

Drivers should pay extra attention in conducting pre and post-trip vehicle inspections to proactively identify any mechanical deficiencies that would otherwise result in citations, or worse, be the cause of an accident. Crosshair also encourages all carriers to instruct their drivers to act with courtesy to both DOT inspectors and State Police during these roadside inspections.

Crosshair offers a variety of training and company policies that enables carriers to be ready all year long for roadside inspections. Stay compliant and safe with the professional guidance that Crosshair Consultants offers each client.

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